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Where did the spring go?


I have to apologize for neglecting my blog the past few months.  Life has inevitably gotten in the way.  As a seed representative my “busy season” usually begins mid-March and ends……. hmmm …. it doesn’t end 🙂  We now have a growing corn and soybean crop and I am thrilled with how great things are looking.

In other news!!

In late may I hit a wall… not literally but it sure felt like it.  Throughout the winter months I had struggled with multiple sinus infections as well as stomach aggravation and cramping and I had finally had it!  Although I felt I have had stomach issues my whole life, I never knew what the “cause” was.  I just blamed it on a poor died.  After visiting a local doctor, he recommended we start with an allergy test.  A few pricks in the back to see what my reactions were seemed pretty alright with me.  Results: Wheat food, Horses, Pecan food, Coconut, Guinea Pigs, Cottonwood Trees, Red Birch Trees, Amer Sycamore Trees, Tall Ragweed and English Plantain….. INSERT FACE PALM EMOJI HERE!!

What a day!  I felt a little relieved and overwhelmed all at the same time.

Issue #1 – I had been eating whole wheat breads, pasta’s and cooking with Coconut Oil for at least the past three years.

Issue #2 – I volunteer as the horse program superintendent for our county 4-H Program.

Issue #3 – I live outside. (Not literally but I really like it outside)

The thought running through my head is …. “What now?”

Doc explained to me my options.  I could do an immunotherapy shot series that would develop an immunity to all allergies except for my food allergies.  The therapy is not guaranteed and my fear of a needle in my arm once a week for the next 40 is keeping me from committing.  As for the food allergies, he recommends I adopt a gluten free diet to avoid the risk of consuming wheat.

Have you ever walked through a grocery store specifically searching for items without wheat in them????  Try it once, you will be amazed at the amount of packaged foods that contain wheat.  Pasta, crackers, bread, certain sauces, cookies, macaroni & cheese! Everything!  Luckily the gluten free diet has become more common than it was in my younger years and most grocery stores have a special isle or area dedicated to gluten free products.

I can honestly say that eating gluten free is a challenge, physically and emotionally. Physically it has taken a lot of willpower to just not eat it.  Isn’t that crazy? You would think that simply knowing I am allergic would keep me from wanting that bagel or cookie but it truly is tough.  Emotionally its difficult to ask someone organizing a work or family meal to cater to my needs.  I am usually pretty easy to please and am not picky about food so asking someone to consider my gluten free needs seems “needy” of me. I’m sure with time I will learn to prepare my meals ahead of time and bring them along or plan to order a bun-less hamburger at restaurants from now on 😦

Why am I sharing all of this?

I started this blog in hopes of sharing my grandmothers recipe’s in their true form.  I still plan to do that.  However, if I can’t eat them what good does that do!!??  My goal from this point on is to share gluten free options for Esther’s recipe’s as well as the original.

God Bless and Happy Independence Day

– CS –



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