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That’s a wrap….

Every morning I see my future husband and father-in-law feed the cows and calves, all before they eat themselves.  Once in a while I get the pleasure of helping shovel grain onto the grain belt but that’s only on occasion.  Every day these two diligently feed our fat calves (the calves being prepared for market)… Continue reading That’s a wrap….

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A little peek of spring.

What an amazing week.  The temperature has risen, the snow has melted and the sun has shone brightly for more than a mere few hours. This time of the year we are patiently waiting for our cows to begin calving.  These three gals were soaking up some sunshine late yesterday afternoon in the cornstalk field. … Continue reading A little peek of spring.

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Gluten Free Sweet Treat – Brownie Mix

Happy Monday All! I mentioned in an earlier post that my diet has changed.  Due to a wheat food allergy I have chosen to implement a gluten free diet into my life. This change is going really well.  I am not craving bread or pasta really….. its the sweets that are getting me! To curb… Continue reading Gluten Free Sweet Treat – Brownie Mix

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Pickled Beet’s

Hey Folks! Harvest has begun!…. Garden harvest that is.  My small beet crop has been harvested and preserved with this amazing pickled beet recipe. For those of you that enjoy beets from the salad bar I encourage you to give this recipe a try. Step 1:  Harvest your beets. I recommend leaving your beets in… Continue reading Pickled Beet’s

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Where did the spring go?

Readers! I have to apologize for neglecting my blog the past few months.  Life has inevitably gotten in the way.  As a seed representative my “busy season” usually begins mid-March and ends……. hmmm …. it doesn’t end 🙂  We now have a growing corn and soybean crop and I am thrilled with how great things… Continue reading Where did the spring go?

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In the beginning.

Welcome Readers! This post has been one in the making….. let me tell ya. At least a year ago I was going through my late grandmother Esther’s neat recipe books.  To the normal person you would assume I was scrolling through a neatly bound book with the local town centennial stamp on the front.  Although there… Continue reading In the beginning.

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What we do.

Good Afternoon Readers! After publishing my first post late last night I knew I would need to explain to you a little more about myself and how I carry on Esther’s legacy. My grandmother Esther was a farm girl from day 1.  She was raised to do the dirty work and help out wherever needed.… Continue reading What we do.