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Pickled Beet’s

Hey Folks! Harvest has begun!…. Garden harvest that is.  My small beet crop has been harvested and preserved with this amazing pickled beet recipe. For those of you that enjoy beets from the salad bar I encourage you to give this recipe a try. Step 1:  Harvest your beets. I recommend leaving your beets in… Continue reading Pickled Beet’s


Home Garden Update

Happy Saturday Readers! It has been a beautiful day filled with sweat and weed pulling!  This year I am very excited with how my garden is coming along.  A little more dedication on my part has really paid off. The rundown…Back to front. White Onion. I tried starting onion from seed last year and was… Continue reading Home Garden Update


Herb Garden Update

Things are looking great! It was another great germination year thanks to my Aunt and her awesome greenhouse facility. My Herbs (L to R) Dill, Parsley, Basil, Cilantro and one accidental baby’s breath plant (oops) I made my first dip with fresh dill last weekend and I loved it with fresh veggies. Try it for… Continue reading Herb Garden Update

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Where did the spring go?

Readers! I have to apologize for neglecting my blog the past few months.  Life has inevitably gotten in the way.  As a seed representative my “busy season” usually begins mid-March and ends……. hmmm …. it doesn’t end 🙂  We now have a growing corn and soybean crop and I am thrilled with how great things… Continue reading Where did the spring go?


You reap what you sow…

One of my favorite things as a young child was to work in the garden with my mother and grandmother.  Most of what we ate throughout the years was canned or preserved from the garden.  I probably was not the most motivated youngster to pull weeds or harvest but I sure liked the idea of… Continue reading You reap what you sow…

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A quick find…

Good Evening Readers!! Every once in a while I get brave with my cooking…. the bf may call it down right crazy because when it fails he usually gets to help me eat it anyway! LOL… I am sure Esther tried crazy things a time or two 😝 Like everyone, the new year has urged… Continue reading A quick find…

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Brownies & Fudge Frosting

Because we all have a holiday hangover….here is another sweet treat recipe 😛 Brownies 4 Eggs 2C Flour 2 Sticks of Oleo 2C Sugar ½C Cocoa Dash of Salt Melt oleo in saucepan. Once melted set aside and let cool. Beat eggs in a mixer. Add sugar, salt, cocoa, flour and cooled oleo to the… Continue reading Brownies & Fudge Frosting